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Elite: Dangerous Beta 3 “incoming,” bringing fixes and new content


There’s a bunch of new additions coming, both in terms of new and reworked content.

For you industrially-minded players, Elite: Dangerous will be adding mining in asteroid belts that should yield resources and various rare drops. Another major change is that players will now be able to scoop fuel from stars, meaning that long-term exploration outside “The Bubble” is now viable.

Existing NPC mechanics are being adjusted. A bunch of visuals for planets and stations are being overhauled as well. Sky boxes in various space environments are being improved.

Frontier is planning on “a similar release process to that of 2.0,” for Beta 3, meaning that there should be some issues to be expected. I mean really, it’s to be expected that a major open-world game  will have some problems. Expect crashes and visual bugs to be fairly common, but Frontier is seemingly on top of things and is dedicated to fixing problems as they appear.

The full patch notes are pretty lengthy, so we’ve ported over the full list of new changes coming to Elite: Dangerous in the upcoming testing phase. You can find those new additions below, but you really should check out the full patch notes on the main site.

– New ship – Imperial Clipper added
– New ship – Federal Dropship added
– Added player driven interdiction
– Players can now interdict NPC ships and the NPC will be recreated in normal space along with the player (player interdiction is also possible)
– Fuel scooping from stars added
– Asteroid mining added (metal and rock)
– Players can own multiple ships
– Play area expanded (capsule 350ly long, radius 37 ly – 2400+ systems)
– Planet visuals overhaul
– Planet liquid colours now reflect chemical composition
– Atmospheric colours now reflecting their chemical composition
– Surface types and colours now reflect chemical composition
– Planets display volcanic features
– Complex Craters can create dust ejecta
– Crater frequency dependent on atmosphere thickness
– Ice planets now have fracture features
– Dynamic ice caps on all planets
– Dynamic liquid levels on all planets
– Asteroid belt clusters added
– Nebulae added to galaxy map
– Nebulae added to sky map rendering
– Make outpost landing pads more zero-g
– Status panel now shows faction reputation
– Improved range display and route finding in galaxy map
– Philanthropy missions added
– Partial name searching added to galaxy map
– Additional ships added to loading screen

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