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EA promises no pay-to-win in Battlefield V

Battlefield V In-Game Economy Details

Electronic Arts recently detailed how the in-game economy of Battlefield V will work after the game launches. The blog post on the EA website talks through some of the underlying design choices for both the cosmetics and the overall progression systems.

EA and DICE want to make it clear to fans that the newest game won’t force players to fork over cash for the most powerful items. The company is looking to maintain an enjoyable rock-paper-scissors cycle to the gameplay balance. They don’t want to allow players to upset that balance by putting real money into the game. EA also want players to be able to experiment freely with a variety of weapons, vehicles and other goodies. The design of the balance will strive to keep that personal touch to the progression system that allows players to keep themselves invested in their time with Battlefield V.

Battlefield 5 will also have an optional currency known as Battlefield Currency, which is purchased with real-world money. Battlefield Currency can be used to acquire specific cosmetic items for your Company.

Electronic Arts have also revealed that the aforementioned Battlefield Currency will not be enabled at launch. Support for vehicle cosmetics will come out alongside the War Stories by the way.

The other major type of currency, which is only able to be earned directly through gameplay, is Company Coin. Company Coin can be used to unlock items “outside the base progression paths,” which includes things like skins for weapons, characters, and vehicles as well. Although the vehicles won’t be enabled for cosmetics until after launch.

Battlefield V comes out on November 20, or a little earlier if you’re an Origin Access subscriber. The Firestorm battle royale mode will come a little later, in the spring of 2019.

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