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Dying Light celebrates fifth anniversary by giving away DLC

Dying Light Bad Blood heads to Early Access

Pawel Marchewka, CEO at Techland, has some great news for all gamers out there. The company has announced that it’s giving away its Bad Blood “Brutal Royale” mode to all Dying Light owners as aper of an ongoing celebration of the work the developer has put into the franchise. It’s available for all platforms across the board, including Xbox OnePlayStation 4, and PC.

According to Marchewka the “support, feedback, and faith you keep on giving us”, speaking of the fans, has enabled the company to keep going all of these years. The fans and those playing their games have been “an incredible source of inspiration and joy” for Techland since the release of the original Dying Light.

The developer has been rather committed to their flagship zombie games. After years of working on the original game, the company even promised to continue supporting it with new content and DLC. This was obviously met with delight from fans. And now, this latest bit of news is sure to delight again.

It’s not all good news this week. Techland had to announced an indefinite delay to Dying Light 2, with a new date unclear. As of now, the sequel is due in Spring 2020. Reasons are a bit ambiguous, as the developer wants to polish and refine the game. Some have suggested that the sequel was delayed to time it’s release closer to the debut of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but this remains speculation at best. Although it has been confirmed that Dying Light 2 will receive next-gen ports at some point.

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If you never heard of this awesome bit of zombie-killing nonsense,  you’re in for a treat. The Dying Light: Bad Blood expansion pack added new gameplay modes to the title. The focus was on an bit of trend-chasing with a modified battle royale map that plopped combatants into a zombie-infested hellscape. The mix of parkour, improvised weapons and the undead is as fun and fresh as it ever was, even now. So why not check it out if you have the chance. Check out the trailer for Dying Light: Bad Blood below.

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