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Dying Light 2 Gets A December Release Date

Developer Techland previously teased a final release date for their upcoming zombie sequel, Dying Light 2.  And after all the waiting, we’re finally rewarded. We now know more about the game than ever before. Called Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the game returns players to the blasted and ruined setting that’s ruled by the infected, as humans eke out a miserable existence.

The release date was revealed during today’s first episode of Dying 2 Know, an in-game web series that brings out news for the upcoming zombie game. Techland has been trying to make this game for years, and that means the game has changed many times over that period. While we may not ever know how much has changed for Dying Light 2, we can finally see what the release version looks like. And it looks like those delays were worth it, because the game looks incredible.

The first new trailer for the game shows us a deep dive of the setting and gameplay mechanics. For one thing, we’re getting four-player multiplayer. The full game will allow you and three friends to explore the ruins together, bashing infected to bits along the way. And not content with just expanding gameplay options, graphics are getting a bit of attention. As a backdrop for that insane parkour fans know and love, the animation engine has been given an overhaul. The dev team has recorded some 3,000 animations for characters in various scenes, adding new depth of life to moving around the massive world.

And what’s even cooler is that the game is up for pre-orders now, with multiple editions of the zombie title coming around. There’s even a massive Collector’s Edition with a huge statue in it.

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Announced at E3 2018 and delayed indefinitely last year, fans were likening the game to vaporware. After months of delays and a dearth of news, we finally know when the game is coming out, The faithful are getting an early Christmas present on  December 7 when Dying Light 2 Stay Human arrives on PlayStations, Xboxes, and PC.

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