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Dual Universe development roadmap paves way for the future

Dual Universe Development Roadmap

Novaquark has released a new roadmap for their ambitious sci-fi MMO Dual Universe.

The new roadmap puts a big focus on what players want out of the game, and it shows that the developers are paying close attention to feedback from the ongoing testing of Dual Universe. And they’re putting all hands on deck to make sure that they deliver on their plans. Even so, it’s still a daunting task.

Dual Universe Release Roadmap

Looking at the roadmap itself, it’s pretty ambitious, the major goals in 2018 are all about creating the barebones structure for industry and crafting. That in and of itself will be pretty challenging due to both the size of the game world and the nature of creating and balancing an entire in-game economy.

Looking past that, 2019 sees the rest of the in-game economy built around the structure placed down this year, as well as some initial work on building the ways players can interact. This means both PvE and PvP features will get some attention and get pushed into a releasable state.  The baseline social systems should also be implemented by the end of the year.

2020 is where the real grind begins because it expands on the work from the previous year to build all the rest of the social interactions in Dual Universe, including the player factions and empire systems. Novaquark then plans to build on that effort with background detail and lore as well.

If the fine folks at Novaquark can hit their timelines, this should all put Dual Universe into a full release in late 2020.

But the team doesn’t have to face this monumental task without help. Novaquark has made a variety of working and financial relationships that should help bring their dream to life. The most recent good news on that front is that the team has raised an additional 3.5 million dollars, bringing the total funding of the project, including backer support, to over 11 million dollars, which they will use to accelerate development by hiring new skilled and passionate staff.

Dual Universe is available now in Pre-Alpha, with an alpha launch slated for November 2018. For the latest updates visit the official website. You can also view an video version of the release roadmap down below.


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