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Drift? Fox Clan? What the heck is going on in Fortnite?

Who are the Fox Clan in Fortnite?

A new set of teasers for Fortnite has ignited the internet with rumors about what the next storylines will be for the battle royale. Various teasers have been unleashed on Twitter by Epic for the game, and they have put the fanbase into a frenzy trying to figure out what’s happening. A series of specific references include inferences that Drift and the Fox Clan are making a comeback. So I hear you asking; what the heck are the Fox Clan in Fortnite?

So just what are these teasers? Let’s dive in and see what Epic has to say.

“We always thought we were the trackers, but something is tracking US down now. Something old. Something… bad,” reads an Epic tweet. “They got everyone. I barely escaped. I’m… I’m the only one left.

“Whoever gave you that Fox Clan mask made you a target… If we don’t work together – team up – they’ll come for you next.” Another teaser was more ominous, hinting about the story for the next chapter. “They’re closing in.”

But it was one of the early ones that gave the biggest clue. The Fox Clan appears to have taken over the Fortnite Twitter account, as they’ve replaced the avatar with their own logo. And then this was tweeted out.

Drift? Fox Clan? What the heck is going on in Fortnite?

As this teaser hints pretty clearly, Drift and the Fox Clan are coming back in some way. Drift is an older character in the game, who came around from Season 5, and has since been missing from the game. This teaser along with other leaks and images revealed that a new Drift skin is incoming to Fortnite. Its relevance to the story is unknown as of yet. It’s likely that the bounty hunter content from previous seasons will tie into it in some way.

Drift first appeared in Fortnite in Season 5 and was a character that hasn’t been seen since. There were some story connections to other characters like Catalyst. Catalyst arrived in the game in Season X. We’re still very much in the dark on that particular character though. We do know the pricing and details of the new skin though.

The new Drift skin will replace the Green Arrow outfit, as well as the Tactical Quiver Back Bling and Boxing Glove Pickaxe. And it will be priced around the same price as other skins. It will also likely be bundled into the Fortnite Crew subscription service that was recently announced, along with some other cosmetics. It seems to be that many in the community are convinced a Drift set is incoming as part of this bundle. If you want to know what the Drift skin might look like, check out the image below.

Drift? Fox Clan? What the heck is going on in Fortnite?

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