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Dragonball FighterZ Master Roshi DLC announced, coming soon

Dragonball FighterZ Master Roshi DLC

Some new DLC has been announced for the best DBZ fighting game out there. The Dragonball FighterZ Master Roshi DLC is coming. Seeing the iconic pervy master of the Kamehameha Wave come to the fighting game is surprising, but he’s one of the only old school Dragon Ball characters who hasn’t been seen in the Arc System Works game yet.

With the three-on-three fighter giving players plenty of options for fighters, both in the base game and DLC, players have yet another fighter to master. Roshi will have his own animations and moveset, some of which is shown off in the new trailer. Players pick their team from dozens of characters from Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Super, and take them into a brawl with all their iconic abilities and Ki attacks.

Being an Arc System Works game, the actual fighting game is ridiculously good and has some very solid fundamentals built in. if you’re a Dragon Ball fan and have been wanting to get into the FGC, now is the time. Unlike some fighting games, the inputs are some of the most forgiving in terms of messing up, so casual players can at least take the time to learn moves and combos without getting stomped.

And as someone who has been on a Dragon Ball kick recently after getting back into Xenoverse 2 for mods, this is kind of exciting. I might go in and pick up FighterZ again to try out the new DLC. But being pretty rusty at fighting games in general, online play will be quite the trial. Anyway, check out the trailer for the Dragonball FighterZ Master Roshi DLC below.

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The game has been getting DLC for months, with one of the more recent additions adding the Super version of Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan. Other additions include the villain Jenemba and the GT version of Goku.

The title is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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