How to Donate to the Museum in Stardew Valley

How to Donate to the Museum in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a lot of things you can do to your new farm home. Build friendly and romantic relationships with your chummy neighbors, all while exploring a wide array of locales and quests. This game is incredibly complex and is a ton of fun for casual gamers. And in the process of making your dream farm, you will need various upgrades and new structures. But, that’s just the start of your adventure. There are many side-quests to finish. NPC storylines are also vast and vary a lot between playthroughs. Depending on what you plan to do, you may also want to focus on upgrading the village.

The village in this game is in a bit of a sad state. Players will find a lot of structures lacking basic items, and some stuff that’s just plain empty. The Museum in Stardew Valley is an example of the latter. What you’re supposed to do is put time into collecting rare items and displaying them in said Museum. Here’s a guide on the basics of how that works.

What is the Museum?

The museum contains a library and a gallery for displaying the museum’s collection, which the player contributes to throughout the game. As you find rarer items, you will donate them to the different wings, unlocking unique rewards. Certain story events and NPC goals are also tied to the Museum in Stardew Valley.

The Museum can be found in the South-East corner of Pelican Town, south of the Blacksmith. The museum is located in the bottom right section of the map, south of the megamart location. You must head to the east side of town and cross over the river to get there. Once you’ve crossed over the bridge, you will see a small stand. Keep walking past this and you will come to the museum. The building with the purple roof is the one you’re looking for. You will be returning here a lot to help out Gunther, the proprietor. His goal is to complete his collection of minerals, books, lost items and more within the expansive building.

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You can also encounter certain NPC events, like Penny tutoring Vincent and Jas in the library on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

How to Donate to the Museum in Stardew Valley

To donate items, simply walk in the door and speak with Gunther. He should be standing behind his desk when the Museum is open for visitors.

You can earn special seeds, house decorations and more. Certain high-threshold donation rewards include Ancient Seeds, the Crystalarium, 1 Stardrop, and many more items. Only a single copy of any particular item may be donated, but you need to donate many different items. In total, there are 95 different items that need to be turned over to Gunther to finish this part of the game. There are many other rare and expensive items you can find in the game, like Truffle Oil, which are great moneyspinners.

You may also rearrange the location of items by clicking the paper sitting on Gunther’s desk at any time. After you select this item you will be asked whether you wish to rearrange the museum’s collection. Simply make your changes and confirm them to finish up.

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