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Does Diablo Immortal have cross-platform play?

Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Announced

Blizzard is finally bringing the maligned Diablo Immortal for various gamers who want to get in. The game will bring a simplified version of the Diablo 3 gameplay loop to mobile gamers. The core of the experience is a simplified version of various iconic Diablo classes to a new setting with the legendary ARPG world. There will even be a PC port, directly contradicting what they said when the game was announced years ago. The game will have plenty of options, but there’s probably not going to be as much depth as the mainline games.

What else we’re getting remains a bit fuzzy, but some details have been confirmed. A new trailer even dropped, confirming the PC port. Within that trailer, a few other options players have to take part were revealed. Watch it down below and see what you think, then keep reading to find out more details.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game, so expect the typical mobile design decisions around gameplay and monetization. It’s being helped along by Tencent, so China market mentalities will likely be at play here. What does that mean? Well, monetization will likely have two possible forms: either we’re getting a cosmetics-heavy focus on character customization, or a battle pass seasonal system designed to encourage grinding. We can expect a very grindy gameplay style as well. The one thing I hope we don’t see is direct gear RMT, that would ruin the economy of the game, and turn many PC gamers off entirely Hopefully the teams at Blizz learned their lesson from the D3 auction house disaster.

But there remains one more question on gamer’s minds. Will Diablo: Immortal cross-platform be thing? And if so, what form of gameplay will we see?

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Does Diablo Immortal have cross-platform play?

Since this game is focusing so hard on mass-market appeal, there’s a big push to support Diablo: Immortal cross-platform play. The good news is that Diablo Immortal does look like it will have cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices. The new trailer confirmed this by teasing that PC and mobile players could take on maps together. PC players would be clearly marked in parties, with a PC marker over their character. What other impact can be seen in-game stil isn’t known. You can likely use the in-game party system to keep track of friends. Although there’s no news of an in-game friends list that will make this process easier.

Does Diablo Immortal have cross-save?

As part of tying the PC port more directly into the launch, there will even be some measure of PC and mobile cross-save support. The details are still a bit of a mystery, but the core idea is pretty simple.  Diablo: Immortal cross-platform will allow gamers on Android, iOS and PC to game together. There will likely be a party system that facilitates this much easier than just a simple matchmaking setup. But if you’re starting to play on one platform, and want to shift to a different one, that should be possible.

Before the game launches, there will be a beta available where you can test it out and see what’s up. The beta for Diablo Immortal drops on June 2, and you can register for it right now.

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