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Disintegration pre-order bonuses explained

Disintegration pre-order bonus guide

V1 Interactive, a newish developer has announced that Disintegration, their new sci-fi FPS, lands on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 16. Players will be able to get into the fight with various unique weapons and abilities. By mixing battlemechs and PvP gameplay, players will get a rather unique experience. Gamers who play Disintegration will choose between either a giant robot or battling it out with guns on foot. The action looks frantic and destructive.

There are only a few Disintegration pre-order bonuses, so there’s not a bunch of extra stuff to worry about. And while not having a bunch of free cosmetics will upset some, they are entirely optional.

Check out the trailer for the game down below.

What preorder bonuses are available for Disintegration?

This game is a digital-only release, so no physical game addons. Your Disintegration pre-order will come with no physical bonuses. There are no art books, statues or other junk to pay for. It’s not like you really need that anyway. Instead, players will be getting some bonuses of in-game items for their characters. And yes, you can use this content during any multiplayer game.

The Disintegration pre-order bonuses are locked to all platforms. That means you won’t get something different regardless of whether you pre-purchase on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. So while there’s not much variety, it’s cool that players won’t have to choose between versions if they want specific pre-orders.

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Here’s the four Disintegration pre-order bonuses. We included a blurb describing each one as well.

What are the bonuses you can get then? We’ve listed them below with a brief description of each item:

  • Flex emote – A simple emote, if you played other multiplayer shooters, you know all about this. With this emote your avatar will flex their muscles.
  • Disintegration medal – A basic Gravcycle customization option that adds a simple but menacing emblem to our in-game vehicle.
  • Elive V1 Interactive banner – An animated banner, pretty simple. Players will have other options for unique markers as the game goes on, but this particular option is locked to the pre-order.
  • Lost Ronin Midnight skin – A new skin that offers a much more stealthy look. If you want to stand out from the default-looking characters, while also remaining a bit interesting without being too gaudy, here’s how.

The pre-order bonuses are only available until June 15, so hop on them before the game launches if you’re interested.

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