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Digital Extremes announce Xaku, Alchemist, and Wraithe Warframes during TennoCon 2020

Xaku, Alchemist, and Wraithe Warframes

TennoCon 2020 is in full swing this weekend. Warframe fans got blasted with news about the future of the game during the all-digital event that developer Digital Extremes has put on. The focus of the event is almost all on the new content that the studio has planned. Aside from a new expansion, there’s much more that’s coming. At some point, Waframe will be getting at least three new Warframes. DE has announced the impending release of Xaku, Alchemist, and Wraithe Warframes.

The reveal came during an art panel where team members debuted some concept art for the three new additions, among many other things. Players also go previews of the new expansion with some new areas coming too. Each of the new Warframes will have their own unique focus and mechanics, with each one also having their own look as well.

Xaku will be a new frame that’s designed with a large amount of community input. This was the same way Nova came to be a thing.

Alchemist will be a Waframe that uses technical wizardry and some space magic to create perplexing traps and weapons to use on its enemies. The mechanics are still somewhat vague, but DE has said that the idea is that Alchemist uses a bunch of gadgets and likes to experiment.

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The Wraithe is the last of the three to have been revealed so far. The details are still very murky, but it seems like some kind of possession or soul-stealing mechanic is on the table for its gameplay design. And according to what DE said, the idea has been in gestation for a few years, and has gone through a full rework in 2020, so it could be very different when it finally does release.

No firm release date has been set for any of these three, so we’ll see them in final form at some point. Check out the concept art released for the new Xaku, Alchemist, and Wraithe Warframes down below.




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