Diablo 2 Resurrected Controls Guide For PC and Consoles

Diablo 2 Resurrected Announced

With the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected, players are swarming back to the classic hack-and-slash RPG. The war against the forces of the infernal Diablo continues anew. Once the king of the RPG scene, the old RPG has been replaced by the likes of Path of Exile and Last Epoch. Because of its age, there are going to be some players who never played the original PC release.

And with this remaster, the controls and basic UI are functionally the same. That may irritate some players, but old-school gamers will find some of that muscle memory still intact after all these years.

There are plenty of things to learn about this game. We have guides on a lot of it. If you’re making gear, knowing how to socket items can really be a huge help here. We have a full guide on Runewords in D2R if you want, it can be a huge help. The D2R system requirements have also been revealed. You can even head over and relearn the quirks of the gambling system, if that’s your thing.

Anyway, there’s some new players who might find the somewhat archaic systems a bit confusing. With console and PC releases all over the place, there are a lot of controls to learn. Use the tables below to find all of the control schemes for the remaster, sorted by platform.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Controls for PS4 and PS5

Here are the Diablo II Resurrected Controls for PS4 and PS5 owners:

Action Controls
Move L
Emote Wheel R
Belt Slot 1 Left D-pad
Belt Slot 2 Right  D-pad
Belt Slot 3 Down  D-pad
Belt Slot 4 Up  D-pad
Skill 1 Square Button
Skill 2/Interact Cross Button
Skill 3 Circle Button
Skill 4 Triangle Button
Skill 5 R1
Skill 6 R2
Show Item Labels L1
Skill Toggle L2
Game/Character Menu Options
MiniMap Touch Pad

Diablo 2 Resurrected Controls for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Here are the Diablo II Resurrected Controls for the Xbox One and Series X|S:

Action Controls
Move L
Emote Wheel R
Belt Slot 1 Left D-pad
Belt Slot 2 Right  D-pad
Belt Slot 3 Down  D-pad
Belt Slot 4 Up  D-pad
Skill 1 X Button
Skill 2/Interact A Button
Skill 3 B Button
Skill 4 Y Button
Skill 5 RB
Skill 6 RT
Show Item Labels LB
Skill Toggle LT
Game/Character Menu Menu Button
MiniMap View Button
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Diablo 2 Resurrected Controls for Nintendo Switch

Here are the Diablo II Resurrected Controls for Nintendo Switch consoles:

Action Controls
Move Left Stick
Emote Wheel Right Stick
Belt Slot 1 Left D-button
Belt Slot 2 Right  D-button
Belt Slot 3 Down  D-button
Belt Slot 4 Up  D-button
Skill 1 Y Button
Skill 2/Interact B Button
Skill 3 A Button
Skill 4 X Button
Skill 5 R Button
Skill 6 ZR
Show Item Labels L Button
Skill Toggle ZL
Game/Character Menu + Button
MiniMap – Button

Diablo 2 Resurrected PC Controls

Here are the Diablo II Resurrected Controls for PC:

Action Controls
Move/Left hand LMB
Move/Right hand RMB
Previous Skill Mouse Wheel Up
Next Skill Mouse Wheel Down
Show belt ~
Belt Slot 1 1 Key
Belt Slot 2 2 Key
Belt Slot 3 3 Key
Belt Slot 4 4 Key
Skill Tree T
Skill Speed Bar S
Skill 1 F1
Skill 2 F2
Skill 3 F3
Skill 4 F4
Skill 5 F5
Skill 6 F6
Skill 7 F7
Skill 8 F8
Character Screen A
Inventory Screen I
Party Screen P
Mercenary Screen O
Message Log M
Quest Log Q
Help Screen H
Swap Weapons W
Chat Enter
Run Ctrl
Toggle Run/Walk R
Stand Still Shift
Show Items Alt
Show Portraits Z
Automap Tab
Clear Automap F9
Fade Automap F10
Party on Automap F11
Names on Automap F12
Toggle MiniMap V
Say ‘Help’ Num Pad 0
Say ‘Follow me’ Num Pad 1
Say ‘This is for you’ Num Pad 2
Say ‘Thanks’ Num Pad 3
Say ‘Sorry’ Num Pad 4
Say ‘Bye’ Num Pad 5
Say ‘Now you die’ Num Pad 6
Say ‘Retreat’ Num Pad 7
Screen Shot Print Screen
Clear Screen Space
Clear Messages N
Zoom F
Legacy Toggle G

That should be everything you need to know when it comes to Diablo 2 Resurrected controls and their various iterations across platforms.

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