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[DEV BLOG] New Apparel For Mystery Code Holders


We are happy to announce that we have released six new time exclusive clothing items into the redeeming queues of players who are Second Decade Collector’s Edition Mystery Code holders.

This new package of clothing items can be claimed through the voucher center in Account Management (requires login), and contains the following:

Men’s ‘Impact’ Jacket (green camo)
Men’s ‘Strider’ Pants (green camo)
Men’s ‘March’ Boots (Black)
Women’s ‘Rocket’ Dress (green)
Women’s ‘Strut’ Pants (black)
Women’s ‘Corsair’ Heels (black)

Once you have claimed the package through account management, you can then redeem the items in game through the character selection screen. For further information on redeeming items you can see this knowledgebase article.

This is a gift for those who paid for the collectors edition of EVE Online. These codes were originally detailed as the following:

A CCP “Mystery Code” that will grant owners special benefits related to future CCP products and events

The last item given out to those with the mystery code was the Ore Rorqual Skin at Fanfest 2014, and after some feedback from the community in this thread, CCP Falcon confirmed that up until this point the mystery code had been ‘forgotten about’. Understandably this upset some members of the community who had paid up to €149.99 for the expensive box set to be able to get the mystery code.

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However, thanks to CCP Falcon and the Community team at CCP, they took on the Mystery Code as a side project and today’s new apparel is hopefully the first of a number of regular little goodies that loyal (or rich) players can expect.

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