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Destiny kicks off Shadowkeep Armour reworks

Destiny 2 Making Big Changes Next Season

As part of the Solstice of Heroes events this year, Destiny 2 players will once again be able to capture that feel of classic Destiny as the game is pushing out tons of gameplay changes ahead of Shadowkeep and its new expansion content. This is because Bungie has revealed that the new version of the event this year will offer new and improved gear as rewards.

This new gear is an integral part of the ongoing gameplay reworks in Destiny 2. Stat changes and reworks are also on the table. Intellect, Discipline, and Strength will work in the same way as in Destiny 1, increasing the recharge rate of players’ supers, grenades, and melee abilities respectively. Other changes include undisclosed alterations to Mobility, Resilience and Recovery. The developer will likely reveal these changes as we get closer to release.

Bungie teased these changes and more in previous updates, one of which was a fairly flash ViDoc. Here’s that ViDoc for your viewing pleasure.

The summary version of the new Armor system is this, with Shadowkeep, Eververse armor is being converted into Universal Ornaments. These items will dismantle into Legendary Shards and Glimmer, a big change from their previous crafting versions. This new class of armor is being built around the new stats system to radically transform gameplay in various ways.

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The core element is that the new 2.0 system will use crafting materials that will let players install mods and perks onto any gear they wish. This is a much more modular system than what’s currently in place, meaning players will have more diversity with their builds going forward.

Once the changover happens, any any full Legendary Sets that a player has unlocked will be waiting for pickup as their new versions, you can get them at the Gunsmith in the Tower.

Bungie has also announced that in the change-over to free-to-play, the game will also get cross-platform save transfers. Although gamers wishing to jump to a new platform will have to purchase DLC again, which kind of sucks.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is due out September 17, 2019 for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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