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Denuvo removed again, this time it’s Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Denuvo DRM

Funcom and The Bearded Ladies have decided to remove Denuvo DRM from their latest game. According to CrackWatch, since the game was released in December 2018, it took about six weeks to crack. The game used a now outdated version of the DRM tech, Denuvo 5.3 specifically. So it does kind of make sense that Denuvo is now being removed as it has served it’s purpose.

Denuvo has been getting hammered by pirates over the last few years, simply put, it’s fallen far from the initial fame of being billed as the end of piracy. Now, it takes a few days or weeks for more popular games to get pirated when using this DRM solution. The most recent version, 5.6, was cracked in less than a week when included in Metro Exodus.

Alongside this removal of the DRM, Funcom and The Bearded Ladies also released a minor patch to game, primarily aimed at fixing a variety of bugs. There’s some balance changes in there too, dig through the patch notes below to find those. A few UI options are also now able to be adjusted, like sensitivity and motion blur. The patch also handles a few crash bugs relating to inventory management, and also fixes some pathfinding issues that caused units to get stuck in a level.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden February 26th Patch Release Notes


  • A series of challenging map remixes with leaderboards
    • Compete worldwide to see who is officially the best stalker.
  • Added dialogue for chest opening.
  • Additional options
    • Mouse sensitivity slider
    • Subtitle size slider
    • Motion blur slider

Major Changes/Fixes

  • Crash fix when returning to the dirty old man after finding his stashes.
  • Fixed all reported instances of crew getting stuck in levels.
  • Crash fix for rare chain lightning issue.
  • Improved mouse focus for multi-screen setups.

Medium Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to throw grenades from the inside to the outside of train carts
  • Fixed issue where killing with a mind-controlled unit could cause the next unit to loose its turn
  • Melee attacks with possessed units now always cause the same damage as they would have being on the other team.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Tank Ghouls to charge cloaked units
  • Fixed issue where player would lose an action point when being caught sneaking
  • Fixed issue with molotovs thrown onto train roofs
  • Fixed issue that would cause Zone Dogs to be stuck in midair when knocked off certain buildings.
  • Fixed reported instances of enemies shooting through walls

Minor Changes/Fixes

  • Skull countdown icons removed from character portraits. Didn’t really work well and added clutter.
  • 25% Penalty removed from kneeshot
  • Melee health bars are now working correctly
  • Achievement fixes
  • DRM is disabled
  • Many other small fixes and tweaks
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