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Death Stranding E3 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer Released

Kojima Productions has shown off Death Stranding, and it’s really freaking strange.

Kojima has been teasing gamers with mysterious trailers and snippets for months now, and we finally get a look at some of the gameplay in the latest mystery thriller from gaming’s most enigmatic designer.

Here’s a look at the E3 2018 gameplay reveal for Death Stranding.

The trailer spends a fair bit of time showing the protagonist fulfilling monotonous tasks, but about halfway through things get real weird. As if the setting wasn’t hard enough to parse, there’s lots of little clues relating to future tech and some really strange practices. At one point Reedus is clearly lugging around a human corpse while being followed by a group of drones. Why he has to do any of this is anyone’s guess.

About halfway through the trailer an invisible hand monster shows up, and judging by how the two characters hide from it, this thing finds prey via the CO2 they emit. Things get even weirder when more of these creatures show up and have to be avoided. It’s revealed that these creatures are actually some kind of collection of human spirits attached to an umbilical cord. In short, I have no goddamn clue what’s happening in this game.

Death Strandingis currently in development for PlayStation 4 with no set release date as of yet.

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