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Creative Assembly Release Gameplay and Campaign Map Videos for Total War: Warhammer 2


In the last couple of days Creative Assembly have been busy. They’ve released two separate gameplay videos for Total War: Warhammer 2.

The first video showcases an overview of the Vortex Campaign. It sweeps the camera over all of the continents included in the second game (Lustria, Naggaroth, the Southlands, Ulthuan) and shows where each Legendary Lord starts. There’s also a bit of narration, giving you an idea what sort of start each Lord has, and who their nearby enemies will be.

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The second video shocases the Dark Elfs specifically in a narrated gameplay video. It’s twelve minutes of campaign activities, showing some of the unique Dark Elf mechanics.

Malekith (and Morathi’s) faction is able to use Black Arks as mobile reinforcement stations, and as bombardment support during land battles. As you’d perhaps expect of the Dark Elves, they have a slave-based economy. More slaves means more generated wealth, but also an increased risk of rebellion. You also need to use slaves to conduct Rites that can provide battle buffs or produce more Black Arks.

Another new feature is on display here, it’s possible to spend gold to produce ‘intervention’ armies; an AI force that will spawn near opponents conducting Vortex rituals and attempt to disrupt them. The feature can be used to slow down an aggressive player or act as an emergency stopgap for a struggling player.

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