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Grab Conan Exiles and A Hat in Time for Just $12 with August’s Humble Monthly Bundle

Conan Exiles

Humble Bundle’s Monthly service is a great deal for many-a-gamer. For just $12 can gain a selection of AAA and indie titles on their PC to enjoy as much as they want. The offering for August 2018 is more of the same high-quality content, with the team at Humble offering Conan ExilesA Hat in Time, and The Escapists for $12.

For the unaware, the Humble Bundle got started as a simple service where game devs and distributors partnered to offer games in a “pay what you want” pricing model, while also putting a portion of the proceeds toward worthy charitable causes. All in all it was a great thing for gaming. People got great games and helped out some of those in need. Over time the service grew in popularity and started to expand its offerings. In addition to the Monthly service, those interested can find e-books, audiobooks and a variety of games on deep discounts. Humble Bundle even has a store with lots of games on sale.

But let’s get back to the Monthly bundle. The big draw is that the titles are offered as part of an expanding roster of games each month. As a month goes on, more games become available for the same $12 buy-in, with the first few games being unlocked right away as “Early Unlock” titles, and the rest being unlocked at the end of the month.

the Early Unlock games for August’s Humble Monthly Bundle are Conan ExilesA Hat in Time, and The Escapists 2. All of these are great games that span a variety of genres, and at full price these games would cost more than $80, so it’s a great deal if you missed these during the Steam summer sale that just ended.

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If you managed to snag a set of the Humble Monthly Bundle from July, you gained copies of FortsTitan Quest (and the Immortal Throne), Hearts of Iron IVBlackwakePortal KnightsShiness: The Lighting KingdomInterplanetary Enhanced EditionSerial Cleaner, and Stumblehill.

As mentioned above, you can grab the collection now via Humble Bundle.

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