How to complete the Shockingly Well-done request in Pokémon Snap

How to complete the Shockingly Well-done request in Pokémon Snap

Shockingly Well-done in New Pokémon Snap is one of the many Lentalk Requests in the game. The Requests often involve a bunch of trekking around the various maps in the game to find Pokémon in various positions. The goal is to bring back a photo to the quest giver that contains the required Pokémon in the right state.  Some of these are a bit more involved than others. You’re supposed to take photos of Heracross doing something strange, and there’s an easy way to complete this one. You need to get them into the right spot to take the required photo. Here’s how to complete Shockingly Well-done in New Pokémon Snap.

How to complete the Shockingly Well-done request in Pokémon Snap

  • Head into Florio Nature Park (Day) level
  • Look for the first bridge near the beginning of level, there will be an Emolga there.
  • Throw some Fluffruit at it to get its attention.
  • Draw the Emolga near the scorched fruit on the ground.
  • Take a photo when the Emolga zaps the scorched fruit.

So get into the Florio Nature Park (Day) level to begin this Lentalk request. You will see that first bridge you cross over in the beginning of the level. You will notice an Emolga in this area after the bridge. That’s the Pokémon you’re after. You need to use Fluffruit to draw the monster over to a certain spot. Look around for the scorched fruit, that’s the spot.

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Draw the Emolga over to that area by making a path of fluffruit towards it. Wait until the Emolga is drawn over and begins to zap the fruit that’s already there. Once it’s using its electricity, it’s time to start snapping. You want a picture of the monster right when it starts zappng the fruit. This is a four-star pose and part of the Lentalk request.

Snap a few photos when this happens and turn in your best one. Once you have the proper photo, you can return to Professor Mirror and turn in your prize for a nice chunk of XP. There, you have now completed Shockingly Well-done in New Pokémon Snap.

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