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Competitive game modes in Crucible explained


The new Amazon video game, yes you read that correctly, is a new team-based multiplayer shooter called Crucible. Players will be taking on deadly monsters across various maps and different game modes. The game is coming out on May 20 and will have three game modes on launch. Crucible has three modes: Heart of the Hives, Harvester Command, and Alpha Hunters.

The first of these modes, Heart of the Hives, will take 8 players and put them in a 4v4 objective-based match. Players will swap between attacking each other and the monster buried deep in the Hive. The Hive is kind of like a King of The Hill mode with a more mobile and vicious target. The objective is to eventually kill the monster inside the Hive and get a Heart. Claiming three Hearts first will claim a win for your team.

Harvester Command is the next game mode, where a much larger game takes place. 16 players will be broken up into two teams for an 8v8 game mode where players try to battle over control of the map. A basic control game mode, Harvester Command tasks players with gaining control over different harvesters scattered all over the map. Harvesters score Essence as they run. The team to earn enough Essence to hit the win threshold on the map wins the match.

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Crucible‘s final game mode at launch will be Alpha Hunters. This mode is all about giving players just a whiff of battle royale with their shooter. There are 16 players split across pairs on a larger map. Players have a few different class choices as well in this mode. Each Hunter has their own abilities and quirks, making each playthrough a bit different.

So with these three game modes in Crucible at launch, competitive game modes in Crucible look like pretty standard fare. Amazon will likely expand content like the competitive game modes in Crucible as time goes on and more players join up.

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