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Codemasters teases return to GRID in 2019

Codemasters teases return to GRID in 2019

The GRID franchise is a long-running racing series that offers a wide array of cars and modes. And with 2019, the franchise is due to get even better thanks to the efforts of Codemasters.

Codemasters is well-known for racing titles, and their pedigree is well established. The company continues to impress with titles like the F1 series, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 and many more. And speaking of F1, the developer is also hard at work on F1 2019, promising improved simulation aspects and a ton of cool retro cars being added to the roster.

The new version of the game, now labeled GRID 2019, essentially takes GRID 2 as a template and massively improves on it in every way. For one thing, the roster of cars in this new game is hugely expanded. There are categories for GT, Touring, Stock, Muscle Cars, Super-Modified and more.

There will also be a variety of different game modes, each offering their own quirks and challenges. Circuit, Street Racing, Oval, Hot Laps, Point-to-Point and World Time Attack all join the roster of race types in the new game. Playing through these modes can earn custom liveries and other rewards for the cars in your garage.

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But that’s not all, the new outing will also take cues from other popular racing franchises, adding their own spin to the gameplay. For one, the new entry will feature very realistic damage simulation options that will accurately reflect the bumps, scrapes and grinds that would be common to a much more aggressive racing style. This destruction will be a key part of the Burnout-style revenge system that GRID 2019 offers as well.

The game is due for a September 13th release, on PC and consoles. Check out a simple teaser for the new game down below.

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