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Circle-Of-Two State of the Alliance Leaked! Is C02 Closing?


A State of the Alliance (SOTA) meeting was held yesterday to try and deal with the recent theft of assets and liquid ISK from Circle-Of-Two. The audio recording of the meeting was released. The meeting spanned nearly 45 minutes. Overall, the tone was that of an alliance in shock, not surprising, given the events of the past two days.

gigx, Executor of CO2 spoke on several topics, including the unresponsiveness of The Judge to gigx’s attempts at conversation, gigx’s banning, and plans going forward. It’s no surprise that The Judge refused to discuss the recent events with gigx both in-game and on Discord. The Judge did make his stance clear in other venues, including Reddit and CO2 Alliance chat, which he streamed on Twitch. During this same period, gigx got himself banned from EVE Online after threatening to doxx The Judge.

gigX showed a fair bit of remorse for his actions in response to the theft, and apologized to C02 and its members that he couldn’t do more to protect them or reimburse what was lost. While C02 is not disbanding as an alliance entity, it’s a certainty that some member corporations will flee the alliance for greener pastures. I for one would not be surprised to see a massive drop in numbers for them.

gigx says he will take a 5 month break, after that he will see what he can do. He does not want members to be waiting for asset safety and waiting for him to be unbanned. gigx encouraged c02 corporations to decide on their own what to do for the future. Whether that being part of a new alliance or flying solo, gigx doesn’t care as long as they’re happy. Whatever the future holds for those former members, it’s all but certain that C02 is gone for good.


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