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CIG debuts Anvil Carrack ahead of CitizenCon 2019

Anvil Carrack

Ahead of CitizenCon 2019, Cloud Imperium Games and their various teams are scrambling to get things ready for the massive fan convention. Star Citizen fans are hyped up, and eager for any news about upcoming reveals. One of several promotional elements was that new ships were coming. Now that the event has properly begun, the first of these promised reveals has kicked off. Say hello to the Anvil Carrack.

The Anvil Carrack is one of many different ships to be added to the game in the future. And with the Anvil Carrack, the related ship manufacturer expands its lines of specialized offerings. CIG has even confirmed that they will be adding many new ships heading into alpha 4.0, with various stages of work from white box to final polish having been completed. One ship that fans have wanted to hear more news about is the teased Carrier class of ships, which CIG has promised will be in the final game.

Check it out in the video down below.

Plans to add new ships to Star Citizen always excite the fans. But it’s not the only thing CIG has revealed today. Planets and solar systems are also in the works for Alpha 4 and beyond. We’re still waiting on Alpha 3.8 and version 3.9 updates though, each of which promise to bring the groundwork for entirely new mechanics.

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Much like previous releases revolutionized the flight model for the this massive space sim game, future versions will breathe new life into the planets and stars themselves. CIG is working hard to develop and implement new design toolsets that will allow the development team to create planets at a much faster pace. And not only will this speed up development, it will result in higher quality planets.

Planets and atmospheres will be much more realistic, with full cities and spaceports on more populated planets. The planet surface can be explored and exploited for economic gain, allowing Star Citizen players to achieve a bit of their 4X ambitions. And the coolest bit of news about planets for future versions is that CIG wants to make the transition to orbit to planet surface as seamless as possible.

Off of the back of this news, and much more to come, CIG has raised $241,519,960 in crowdfunding for their project.

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