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Chinese server ship skins


It seems the chinese server are getting some treats for their new year celebration. In case you didn’t know, the chinese new year is actually celebrated on the 19th of February and each year is named after an animal in the chinese zodiac, so 2014 was the Year of the Horse, 2015 will be the Year of the Goat/Sheep

If you would like to know more about the chinese years of the Zodiac, then feel free to have a look at this website.

Anyway, the ship skins look like they will be exclusive to the chinese server for now. So lets have a look at them.

Machariel sporting a black and silver paintjob with blue trim items.
Ishtar (or Vexor as it is missing the engine mountings) in a white and black paint job with gold trim.

Rattlesnake in a red and grey paint job with light grey decals.

Abaddon which looks amazing in a white and black paint job with loads of gold trim. 

Megathron in a matt black paint job with a gold trim. Nice looking ship and definitely my favorite of the skins that have been shown here.

Armageddon in matt black with a light blue tribal type patterning. 

Raven in gold with white trim, very bling.

Eagle in a matt black paint job with gold trim. 

Apocalypse in lots and LOTS of white with some gold and black trim… looks like an ambulance in my opinion and is my least favorite skin.

Drake in a black paint job with two tone gold trim. Another one of my favorites.

Dominix in a flat black paintjob with gold and silver trim.

Big thanks to AredditorAMA from R/Eve for the links.

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