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Children of Morta teases new content coming soon

Children of Morta

Children of Morta, the stylish and rather strange RPG is a good name, no two ways about it. The graphical prowess on display for an otherwise simple setup is superb. Developer Dead Mage has managed to craft a story where players feel invested in the adventures of the Bergson family. The story follows a desperate family of adventurers as they battle their way to riches and glory from being destitute and struggling. If you want to help cleanse the land of Morta of truly dark and vicious evils, then get going.

Children of Morta content will be free of charge when it launches. The RPG already has a ton of stuff, but the newly revealed roadmap will expand gameplay options to an absurd degree. The next year for this game is about to get very interesting. 2020 will see a number of batches of new content coming to the game. New difficulty settings and a full New Game+ mode add increased challenge for the most experienced adventures. But that’s not where the fun stops.

The game even has local co-op for those of you who like that kind of thing. But with future patches, the developer will be bringing online play into the mix. So that way players can team up to farm dozens of powerful and magical items. And speaking of items, another update planned to come with this new roadmap is a Treasure update that’s adding 30+ more items.

Other additions to Children of Morta include new elements like new playable characters, additional skill tree options. These will offer players a variety of build options that increase the overall fun one can have with this wacky RPG. All in all, it seems like next year will be wonderfully dreadful for fans of this indie title.

Children of Morta is currently out now, with 11 Bit Studios pushing it on Steam.

Source: Children of Morta Steam Page

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