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With the launch of their newest game, Valorant, coming in Summer 2020 Riot Games is looking to come out of the gate storming to promote this new shooter. As part of the press blitz for the game today, the team behind it revealed a bunch of details. Now we finally are going to take a look at the player characters and abilities in this new eSports shooter.

The characters and abilities in Valorant are one of the elements that Riot seems to be banking on to set it apart from the hero shooters of the genre. Whereas in Overwatch players get a unique stable of abilities restricted to certain heroes, the abilities in characters and abilities in Valorant are a bit more free-form.

The various characters are still fairly vague, but we can see what the developer is going for from the art and abilities which have been teased so far. Each member of the diverse cast of characters in Valorant has their own unique abilities. And since players pick their weapons at the beginning of the round the variety between heroes can be a lot more varied.

All of the characters in Valorant have different abilities. And each one can be used situationally for both damage or supporting your team. As the game is built around being a fast-paced 5v5 shooter, expect plenty of strategy around the careful use of these powers. The abilities that we’ve seen only exist in the concept stage so far, but there’s an interesting element to them that sets this game apart from similar genre titles. Unfortunately, we do not have any concrete details about the variety of different abilities or how they will work doing a game. We can, however, glean that Riot Games is opting for a more fantasy feel to the theme here.  The abilities in Valorant run the gamut from massive walls of fire to Force Push-esque knockdowns. These controlling abilities can be clutch in a firefight. Check out some of the concept art of the new skills below.

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Riot Games has also revealed some early concept art for the various characters in their new game, check that out below. So far six characters have been revealed showing the basics of their in-game look. Each of the characters has their own unique background and story as well, adding a bit of flesh to the bones of this video game.

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