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CCP Bans RMTers from Game, IWISK unblacklisted


Speculation about why I Want ISK was blacklisted has been going around for a while now. And today the cause has been revealed. Whispers in the EVE community about IWISK banker conducting RMT have been around since the beginning and it appears that yet more bankers have been banned for RMT. Below you’ll find the full EVEMail from the site owner about the issue and the future of the site.

Now, while I can’t communicate what caused the issue, I can say that progress will continue on IwantISK.com games and features!
I can also mention that the issue didn’t lie in our code but rather in a few individuals no longer working with “I Want ISK”.
Results for this may be posted in the future.

I wanted to thank you all for voicing your opinions!

Lets also thank CCP for looking into this as soon as they could!

We are also going to give out some nice promo codes right now and set up a plan / calendar of upcoming events so everyone has a better chance at participating in out giveaways.
Look out for a promo in the forum page linked above also!

The Grid will now continue with work right after I make a few changes so that I can hire more bankers.
This requires reprogramming how many transactions the API processes at once in order to allow us to have more bankers than ever.
Expect an application to go out if you want to be a banker! There will be NO MINIMUM ISK required. We will sponsor the bankers that we hire.

The next feature you will notice on IwantISK.com is the junk box and the gumball machines. It will take some time to make the grapgics for the junk box but all of it will ultimately be implemented into the grid, raffles and slot machines!
Expect more changes to come in now that I have an office set up AND the morale I needed =]

After the grid comes out and some new features are implemented, I will start work on IwantISK 2.0 to help facilitate the addition of new games like roulette and texas holdem.

Love you all and stay healthy!
Promo Codes:
5,000,000 LVL 5+ 5masd8hadlkj
15,000,000 LVL 15+ 15ma7t98h6vj
25,000,000 LVL 20+ 25ma7t98h6vj
200,000,000 LVL 50+ 200ma8872hua (only 200 available)
1,000,000,000 LVL 80+ 1bilha9dhwjka (only 50 Available)

Good luck to all!
And the much missed link at the end ;)
I Want ISK Corp

Shortly after Eep Eep posted his various statements on this issue, Twitch streamer 1ronbank revealed that three, not two, I WANT ISK bankers received bans for conducting illicit RMT activity. On a stream on 8 June, 1ronbank answered a chat question asking about the rumor that CCP banned two bankers for illicit RMT. 1ronbank then confirmed that three bankers received bans, although one of the bankers did so for activity not associated with I WANT ISK. But according to I WANT ISK’s statement yesterday, that assertion is untrue.

It seems likely that IWISK management has some issues in controlling the activity of it’s bankers and acknowledging when they commit wrongdoing. This will likely continue until IWISK chooses to clamp down and institutes tighter controls on their bankers and their ability to tamper with the in-game economy.

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