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Canada joins the fray in Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

Canada Announced for Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

Fraxis announced Gathering Storm, the newest expansion for Civilization 6, last month.

Gathering Storm will add a lot of new features, one of which is the addition of new playable nations. The most recently announced nation to be added to Civilization 6 is Canada.

oF course, Canada has its own unique gameplay mechanics. In simple terms, the goal for a player using this nation is to be much more peaceful and diplomatic. Canada is unable to declare war on City-States or declare a surprise war on other civilizations. They are also unable to have a surprise war declared on them, making them the perfect civilization for someone looking to have a more peaceful game.A Cultural victory might well be the name of the game here.

And like other Civs in this game, Canada is getting it’s own unique flavor and gameplay features. Canadian players get some specific advantages related to Tundra tiles, specifically the ability to build farms on these restricted tiles, and it’s also cheaper to claim these tiles for Canada. So if an opponent is producing much more food than you think they should, blame Canada.

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And along with this new tile mechanics, Canada will get the iconic Mounties as a unique unit, and hockey rinks as a special structure. Yes, you read that right. Hockey Rinks will be a new structure.

Canada will join the game alongside the other new additions in the Gathering Storm expansion on February 11, 2019. Check out the preview trailer for the expansion and the new nation down below.

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