Can you decorate your house in Minecraft Dungeons?

Can you decorate your house in Minecraft Dungeons?

So with it being a Minecraft spin-off, fans want to know some things about Minecraft Dungeons. This new RPG has the player starting out in a quaint little abode lined with a nice fireplace and other cute furniture. From there, you head out to become the adventuring legend you were apparently meant to be. But many fans want to know, can you decorate your house in Minecraft Dungeons?

After all, it is a game franchise based on the idea of crafting and placing various decorations. You can easily build your own house, and so much more, in the main game. So it’s kind of sad that you’re not given the same freedom here. Players don’t have the same amount of freedom to craft in Minecraft Dungeons.

Though the active placing of decorations in your house in Minecraft Dungeons is missing, there is something to be done. Gamers can upgrade their homes as they play through the story. They can earn various rewards for completing story quests and dungeons. These items can then be carted back home to be placed in various locations around the home. So while you can’t completely remodel your home, you can at least add some character.

New paintings, statues, maps, and more can all be added to your house with this system. There’s no easy way to reposition or recolor these items though. The home doesn’t look too bad once fully upgraded, but fans may still be disappointed by the fact that you can’t rework your house in Minecraft Dungeons.

Your base camp out in the world can also be augmented in a similar way. Players will unlock various NPCs, decorations and other things to bolt onto their camps as they play. Story quests unlock addons like the Trader and Blacksmith, who can help power up your gear. These upgrades are very important as they unlock the all-important enchanting and salvaging systems for your gear.

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