Can I play Marvel’s Iron Man VR without a VR kit?

Can I play Marvel’s Iron Man VR without a VR kit?

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is out this week. The game releases on July 3 for the PS4. The game, developed by Camoflaj, is an action-adventure FPS with tons of fun and plenty of fantasy to live out as the legendary hero Tony Stark.

And even though it’s branded as a VR title, and has been since its announcement, there has been some confusion. Players who want to don the armor and take to the skies want to know if they can play the game without VR hardware. After all, it’s pretty expensive to get into VR.

It’s simple, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a VR-only title. The game is being sold as a VR title, and there are bundles out there that have VR kits. If you want to get into PSVR, it is an option. Various retailers are selling a bunch of different bundles of the kit. The PSVR kit and a PlayStation camera are required to play it. The PSVR kit includes a PSVR headset and two PlayStation Move controllers. This will be pricier than the standalone game, so only buy it if you want to get into the PSVR on your PS4.

This news will be pretty disappointing to fans of the comic hero who don’t have the cash to jump onto the PSVR train. So since it’s a PSVR game, you’re going to want to aim for a PS4 as a platform. And since other VR headsets don’t work with the game, it’s really your only choice.

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That will be a disappointing answer to anyone who wants to play the game but doesn’t own a VR kit. Marvel’s Iron Man VR was always billed as a VR-only title, though, so there’s no reason to suspect it being playable with a normal PlayStation 4 controller.

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