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Call of Duty Modern Warfare adds new playlist update for Christmas

Modern Warfare update adds Shoot the Ship, Drop Zone, Snowfight

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been pretty good about turning their already successful launch into an even better situation. The FPS had a massive launch, making more than $600 million in that first week. Now, just in time for Christmas, another update ratchets up the fun. A new playlist update launched today that adds Drop Zone, Snowfight, and “Shoot the Ship.”

The first new addition is Shoot the Ship, a playlist tailored around a couple of very popular modes and maps. Previous iterations of other playlist updates added Vacant and Shipment 24/7 to CoD:MW. This playlist was just a pair of very popular modes based on two specific maps. Now, fans get to play another variant with some new maps. This playlist is essentially Shipment and Shoot House 24/7.

The first of the new game modes is Snowfight. This wintery alteration of the 2v2 Gunfight mode swaps out firearms for snowballs. There are snowballs spread out across Winter Docks and are the only weapons, aside from your fists. Other than that, it’s basically just Gunfight.

Drop Zone is a callback to other games in the franchise. The mode originally made a debut in Modern Warfare 3, and it’s back now in the new game.  In Drop Zone, different zones will become active for your team to capture for points, much like Headquarters. The difference here is that Drop Zone pushes the boundaries of the normal CoD game mode by removing the normal killstreaks. Instead of earning them from kills, players loot them from randomly dropped care packages which spawn on the map.

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These new modes are added to the FPS on top of the changes from patch 1.12 that kicked off the first season of post-launch content. There’s a ton more coming too. In addition, the developers also toggled on some more holiday bonuses.  Double XP and double tier leveling have been turned on until December 27th.

Sure, there were some controversies surrounding the launch and later additions though. The game launched with a few controversial scenes and narrative choices, like the painting over of US war crimes in one mission. Then, the introduction of over-priced microtransactions that were already in the game raised some more ire. The game did do some great things though, like kicking off an eSports partnership to benefit veterans.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now on PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you want to grab the game, get it on Amazon.

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