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Building the World of Path of Exile 2 Panel

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2, otherwise known as Path of Exile 4.0, is an upcoming expansion and rebirth of the ARPG Path of Exile. There’s no release date yet, as there’s obviously a ton of work left to do, but this thing is so huge that the developer had to announce it at ExileCon this year. Path of Exile 2 will completely alter the landscape of the popular free-to-play game. A new skills system that adds links to Skill Gems replaces much of the old crafting nonsense around six-linked armours. An entirely new campaign, character class archetypes, skills and other redone content adds much more depth. And all this new power at your fingertips will be necessary as POE players are about to face some of the toughest bosses yet.

ExileCon was loaded with other announcements and panels about the current and future plans Grinding Gear Games had for POE. The developer also hosted live gameplay sessions of upcoming expansions, panels and other treats for the fans. Sadly for those of us who couldn’t make it to the event, we had to miss most of these elements as they were not all broadcast via Twitch.

Now, we’re getting a late Christmas present as GGG has begun uploading the panels from the event to their YouTube channel. The first of these is titled “Building the World of Path of Exile 2.” If you want to take a deeper dive into how Wraeclast has changed since the Exiles killed the gods and usurped ultimate power, this is your dream panel.

Check out the full panel in video form below.

To further celebrate the holidays, GGG is also giving away some free goodies for all. Until January 8th, all POE players can claim a free Polaris Mystery Box via the in-game shop.

To redeem a free Polaris Mystery Box all you need to do is to open the in-game shop. The Mystery Box will be automatically added to your account. Please note that visiting the shop on the website does not trigger the free box – it must be accessed from inside the game client.

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