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Brief Battles is a weird new party game that takes humor to the nether regions

Brief Battles

Brief Battles is a strange game, but in a very good way. What I mean by that is that it’s a competitive party game that lets you and your friends battle each other in underwear warfare. Yes, the crux of the gameplay in Brief Battles is letting pairs of underwear battle it out. Developer Juicy Cupcake has been working hard to deliver an interesting and unique twist on the arena brawler concept, and it seems like they’ve nailed it.

With more than 50 arenas to duke it out in, Brief Battles brings in an eclectic mix of settings and an entire arsenal of weapons to bear so you and your friends have plenty of choice when it comes to blasting each other to bits. To top it off, there are also a number of challenge stages that can be played solo or co-operatively.

The battles feature a dizzying array of weapons and abilities, each centered around the type of underoos you’re controlling. A pair of hot pants might spit fire around the arena, while a pair of grimy unwashed knickers would spew toxin everywhere. It’s a very strange concept indeed.

Brief Battles is due for release early next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Check out the first trailer for this wacky new title down below.

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