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Brawlhalla Promo Codes (March 2021)

Brawlhalla Promo Codes

Promo Codes, a great way for developers both big and small to grow their audiences. With smaller indie titles, they’re a great option for getting players into the game and getting them playing. And with titles Brawlhalla, there’s plenty of room to bring out the big guns in terms of promos. The developers have been adding tons of new content to this 2D fighting game. But if you want more ammo for your fun, there’s a way to get some cool new stuff. Here are the currently active Brawlhalla Promo Codes.

We will curate and alter the lists of codes for the game as time goes on. If you spot an error or found a new code that works, please let us know in the comments. You should make sure to claim codes as soon as you spot them, as they can expire at any moment.

Brawlhalla Promo Codes (Valid)

  • No valid codes found

Brawlhalla Promo Codes (Expired)


There’s another way to get codes as well, Twitter.

The list of links below leads to some promo codes that can be used by players to claim cool items. Like the other promos, we will try to keep the list up-to-date as well. You will need to follow the  @ProBrawlhalla Twitter account to redeem these, and then follow the on-screen instructions at the links below. Certain codes might also require you to follow the game on other platforms, like Twitch.

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How to redeem Brawlhalla Promo Codes

To redeem Brawlhalla promo codes, you need to head to the Main Menu of the game. From there, open up the Store option, and then look at the bottom of the menu for the three purple buttons. Click the Redeem Code button to open the redemption menu. In there, put any codes you wish to claim from the list above.

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