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A series of revelations have been revealed in the day following the ousting of Lychton Kondur as CEO of BRAVE.  These construct quite an interesting narrative about the way in which the coup was carried out.

The collective opinion of BRAVE is a bit difficult to get a picture of.  The reaction to the questions answered by Malanek has been less than enthusiastic, and further questions have been posed which remain mostly unanswered.  It appears that the political capital of BRAVE leadership is very quickly becoming exhausted.  The alliance-wide mail below exemplifies the  issues some people have with this situation.

I’ll most likely be kicked out of alliance for this. But here it is the absolute truth. Lychton and all of us were played hard. Do with this information what you will.

And if you think Lychton was stabbed in the back as well pass this on.

“Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!”

Also back at the end of February the internal diplo team was trying or tried consolidating and kicking alt corps out of the alliance. This is quite a coincidence since barely just over a month later Lychton was voted out by a majority vote of some of the CEO’s that remained. This might be nothing but it definitely needs to be brought up because the people who were involved in that are some of the same people that are now in charge of the alliance by conducting the coup. I know all this because I’m one of the CEO’s that had to justifly staying in the alliance back at the end of February.

I think some people got some serious explaning to do!

I will follow Lychton Kondur (if my corp isn’t kicked from the alliance after this I guess) with whatever he ends up deciding to do. Be it get his position back, consent, pull Brave Newbies Inc. out of the alliance and make a new one, or what ever. Lychton Kondur and Matias Otero are the true founders and leaders of the stay classy Brave Newbies Inc. we loved and knew.

I’m really pissed off some people I thought were bro’s did this to Lychton who also thought they were his bro’s to. I’m so disgusted with all this that I need to log. I dont know if I’ll have been kicked by the time I’ll feal like logging back in, but at least I helped get this word out.

“Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!”

7o I’m out
Donmial Dethahal / Vyrion Dethahal

It’s hard to say what the future will hold for Brave Collective as Lychton continues to vie for control over the new-player focused group against his ouster. This purging of member is a clear consolidation of power, and could even be argued as a suppression of dissent, but it’s harder to see what the endgame is here.

The reveal that behind-the-scenes subversion and malicious acts played a role in the current drama is not surprising, after all EVE Online is well-known for its vicious meta-game. There are so many layers here that’s difficult to be succinct without making the whole thing sound like a joke. Perhaps that’s what should be done, as one Redditor reacting to this whole shebang pointed out, “This shit is better than House of Cards.”

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