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Borderlands 3 will use Denuvo DRM

Denuvo DRM

With the overall trend of hype and promotion surrounding Borderlands 3 and the rest of the franchise, some fans have been disappointed by the latest bit of news about the loot shooter, as it concerns the DRM software solution Gearbox has chosen. So while Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has been a particular source of disdain and protest for some gamers, fans have an entirely new reason to avoid the game, if they so desire. The short version is that Gearbox and 2K have decided to implement the infamous Denuvo DRM scheme into the game.

Denuvo DRM is quite the controversial entity within the gaming scene. The most common criticism of the DRM suite, aside from potential arguments about privacy and consumer rights, is the claimed loss of performance which Denuvo is often cited to cause. So seeing it in Borderlands 3 has a lot of people worried about that.

This is only the latest in a growing string of PR nightmares and setbacks surrounding the anticipated new video game. Recently 2K allegedly got a little heavy-handed with enforcement against leakers, by sending private investigators against one YouTuber. Previously, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford also made some dumb decisions by sharing footage of animal cruelty online. Some critics herald this DRM news as a sign that 2K and Gearbox have failed to read the room, but a strong DRM solution, even one as laughably ineffective as Denuvo, as a foregone conclusion for a AAA release like this.

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The Denuvo DRM is really only meant to protect that opening launch week from piracy, and usually it does just that, only to be removed with patches after that launch sales window has closed, much like WB did with Hitman 2. But with high-profile releases like this, combined with the backlash against 2K and Geabox, the DRM might not even last all that long before being cracked.

Despite these setbacks, the company has continued to hype the new title up as best they could. Gearbox also put out some trailers highlighting their unique abilities. And of course, the incredibly goofy Tiny Tina is coming back.

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