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Borderlands 3 releases new trailer, amps up comradery and fun

Borderlands 3

Coming off the heels of the recent tease of cross-play in Borderlands 3, gamers and fans got another surprise this week with another new trailer for the upcoming video game. This new snippet of gameplay reveals the Celebration of Togetherness, which is the full reveal of the multiplayer modes within the game.

In this new trailer, we finally get to meet all of the playable characters in Borderlands 3, Moze, Amara, Flak, and Zane. We already met these four new Vault Hunters in teases and trailers before, but it’s very cool to finally see them in action. And to see them as part of showing the multiplayer features is even better. And having the whole ordeal set to the tune of The Turtles’ 1967 hit Happy Together just brings it to a completely different level.

Check out the new “So Happy Together” trailer down below.

The focus on PvE gameplay and lots of shooting has been well established with this particular shooter franchise, so it’s not shocking to see it return for the third mainline game. With the addition of a ping system for pointing out rare loot and the like, the multiplayer experience is about to get a big overhaul. And said overhaul should make co-op much more fun to play.

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This isn’t the first trailer to be released for Borderlands 3 though, not by a long shot. Gearbox previously unleashed some gameplay footage showing one of the classes in the game. There was also the original reveal trailer of course. We even got to reunite with our buddy ClapTrap in another video.

Borderlands 3 is coming out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC as a six month Epic Games Store exclusive on September 13.

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