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Blizzard Still Has No Plans for Hearthstone on Consoles in 2018


There’s no mistaking the success and popularity of Blizzard’s Hearthstone card game. Since the title launched in 2013, the popularity of the Warcraft brand exploded thanks to the polished and deep gamplay that offered many players looking for an accessible digital card game. The game has enjoyed a great success, and a steady stream of new content, which has led to plenty of people wishing to play the game on consoles.

Though there’s obviously plenty of hype for such a release, it will not happen anytime soon. And based on statements from various sources, it may not ever happen at all. In a conversation with Senior Producer Yong Woo and Game Director Ben Brode, DualShockers asked if 2018’s newly revealed Year of the Raven would be the cycle that would see Hearthstone finally being ported to consoles. In no uncertain terms though, the idea was shot down.

Blizzard’s Hearthstone is available now on Android, iOS, and PC – and has been since early 2014. The game has had multiple expansions since its launch, adding hundreds of new cards to the game. There’s also the Solo Adventures and other game modes which added additional replayability through boss runs and other goodies. The card game has offered a ton of fun for fans of both the Warcraft source material and the genre as a whole, so it’s kind of sad to not see it on consoles.

The bad news broke a while ago though, after months of speculation, particularly for the Nintendo Switch. A version of the popular card was originally in-development for the Switch, but a principal game designer for the card title – Dean Ayala – confirmed that this project was cancelled a while ago. He revealed the news in PowerUp!’s interview on the future of the game.

So while we won’t see the excellent game on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox One anytime soon, we can still hold out hope.

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