Black Friday Deals for Gamers and Geeks



The Steam autumn sale currently has 12, 279 titles discounted and there a hread deals such as 72% off the Elder Scrolls franchise, 83% off the Just Cause franchise, Cities: Skylines is down 75%, DOOM down 67%, Fallout 4 down 67%, Grim Dawn down 40%, and may more.


GOG’s Black Friday sale is now live and concludes on Sunday 27 November at 10:59 PM UTC.

  • Shadow Warrior 2 25% OFF
  • Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition 50% OFF
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 75% OFF
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series up to 75% OFF
  • Kerbal Space Program 40% OFF
  • Grim Dawn 40% OFF
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered 33% OFF

Watch out for a change on there specifically for Black Friday.


EA’s Origin sale will kick off at midnight PST in Wednesday 23rd. To start there is 22% off on Titanfall 2 and the rest of the deal can be found on this page.

Greenman Gaming

Instead of an overall sale, Greenman Gaming is  offering a further 10% of by using the code BLACKFRIDAY10. Start time for the main sale is 4pm UTC. Deals they are pushing now include:

  • 80% off The Orange Box
  • 75% off Portal 2
  • 40% off Fallout 4
  • 50% off Dishonored Definitive Edition
  • 67% off DOOM
  • 50% off Street Fighter V
  • 50% off XCOM 2
  • 50% off GTA V
  • 30% off Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Bundle Stars

Another code for this one, use BLACKFRIDAY11  for an extra 11% off everything. Start working your way through the list of titles here.


Gamersgate has it’s annual sale going on now, with titles up to 90% off across a variety of genres. Over 1000 games are discounted this week.


Amazon has regular videogame related deals available for now for Black Friday and the deals rotate. US gamers should head to this page for gaming offers  and keep checking for new deals. UK gamers should head to this page for games. While Amazon is probably not the best pace to pick up cheap games, keep an eye out for hardware deals.



US readers should keep an eye on Newegg, there are hardware deals galore and you may be able to shave some cash off a new GPU or other hardware.

Best Buy

Best buy offers a large selection of electronics and home office equipment, check this page for their various deals on offer.


UK gamers looking for a hardware deal may want to check out Argos. Again, there might be a few hardware deals to take advantage of.

HTC Vive

HTC are offering $100 off the HTC Vive headset on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US.

Publisher Specific Game Deals


Blizzard’s sale covers all their games except the Diablo series and Hearthstone. There is 40% off Overwatch and 75% off on WoW.


Paradox’ sale is now live with discounts on some cracking Paradox titles, just about al of them in fact. Worth a look, especially if you want to snag some cheap DLC for Paradox titles.


The “Pre-Winterfest Epic Mega Sale” runs from Friday, Nov. 25 through Monday, Nov. 28. Every skin, emote and Master Challenge is 33 percent off during this time. There are also two bundles. First, every skin and emote you can buy is being packaged together for 50 percent off. Second, every current Master Challenge is being offered together for 50 percent off.


Atlas Reactor – November 23 – November 28

  • 33% off: All Freelancers Edition
  • 50% off: All Freelancers Pro Edition, Ultimate Reactor Edition, All Upgrades

Trove – November 23 – November 28

  • 50% off: Essentials Pack
  • 75% off: Class Pack (5 Class Coins), Creator’s Pack, Collector’s Pack, Adventure Pack, Radiant Pack, Battle Pack

RIFT – November 23 – November 29

  • 25% off: Mount Sale

ArcheAge – November 25 – December 8

  • Bonus Hellwig Pegasus mount with purchase of Archeum Revelation Pack

Defiance – November 23 – November 29

  • 65% off: Obliterator, Sentinel, HAVOK TITAN Packs
  • 35% off: Augment TITAN Packs
  • 30% off: Gold Edition
  • 25% off: Old synergy boxes including Spinal Tap, Hallow Point, Flames of Passion, Plate Slicer
  • Obtain your favorite jackpot weapons with the New 55 Bit Ultimate Lockbox

Devilian – November 23 – November 28

  • 33% off: Tempest Pack
  • 40% off: All other Packs
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