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Black Desert Xbox getting one final beta on Valentines Day

Black Desert Online Xbox One Release Date

Pearl Abyss is bringing one more final beta period for the incoming launch of Black Desert Online on the Xbox One. The final phase of testing ahead of bringing the remastered version of the game to a new platform is set to begin on Valentine’s day. For those not aware, that means February 14th. The testing will last until a server downtime on February 17th.

Pearl Abyss announced the dates via Twitter, even including a handy image with all the times listed. Anyone interested can find both of those below.

Some new features will be added to this final beta in comparison to the old one. Those include:

●Trading has been added
●Photo mode has been enabled
●Motion Blur turned down
●Looting time reduced from 1 second to 0.2 seconds
●Chat can be turned off
●All quest bugs from beta 1 have been fixed

This beta will also feature a Node War test. Node Wars are a group-based PvP activity that allows guilds and player groups to vie for control over a given resource area, allowing the victorious group to gain a small tax on production for that node until they lose control. Obviously you need to join a guild to take part, but it’s one of the more fun PvP activities in BDO.

But it’s not just Node Wars in this final beta either, as any solo or group players can take part. You just download the Black Desert Final Beta from the Microsoft Store onto your Xbox One and have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

In terms of what other content is available, the beta will be level-capped at Level 40, and the six base launch classes will be available to play for anyone that wants them. This means that the Warrior, Wizard and Witch, Sorcerer, Valkyrie, Ranger, and Berserker will be in the beta.

Source: Pearl Abyss via ResetEra

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