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Black Desert Releases for Xbox One on March 4

Black Desert Online Xbox One Release Date

Black Desert Online, the Korean-made MMO with a beautiful expansive world and tons of content, is heading to a new platform quite soon. It turns out that the ambitious and sprawling game that is BDO is headed for new adventures on the Xbox One in less than two months. The launch date for the Xbox One port of the MMORPG is March 4th.

The Xbox One version of the buy-to-play MMO will offer support for the Xbox One X. And with the recently launched remastered version offering much-improved visuals on the PC, this is certainly a welcome addition for the graphics hounds out there.

With a total of 10 million registered players, thousands of quests and multiple PvE and PvP activities, there’s no shortage of things to do in the lands of BDO. For those you who enjoy questing, there’s some super-detailed questlines in this game, with tons of interesting characters to interact with and tasks to undertake. For the aspiring craftsman or entrepreneur in you, Black Desert Online has one of the best and most-rewarding economic systems in the genre of fantasy MMOs. Managing resources, hirelings, tons of player and guild property just scratches the surface. There’s also fishing, gear enhancement, cooking and a bunch of other side jobs players can use to earn literal boatloads of Silver in-game.

Did I mention there’s boats? Boats that you’ll need to traverse the dangerous and monster-packed seas to access the variety of different regions within the game. There’s also a super interesting class system with each class having it’s own unique play style and fun aspects. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to burn hundreds of hours in a fantasy MMO, Black Desert Online on Xbox One may be just the thing you’re after. Learn more by visiting the official site.

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The company also released a new trailer to celebrate, as well as to show off some cool bonuses early adopters could pick up in-game, check out that little bit of awesome below. Black Desert Online is already out on PC as well, and recently the developers released another new expansion which added the Dreighan region to the game.

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