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Black Desert Online Halloween Event Begins

Black Desert Online Halloween Event 2018

Black Desert Online has kicked off the newest seasonal event chain for players. This time it’s spook-a-clock with new Halloween-themed items, quests and bosses for BDO players to enjoy.

Many of the rewards are brand new for this year, there’s new items, costumes and more to earn with the various daily and goal-based quests. There are also themed crafting recipes, the results of which can be traded for multiple rewards. So get gathering, farming and crafting. Players can expect rewards like Black Crystals, Potions, Weapon Boxes which contain rare items, EXP scrolls and more as generic rewards for these quests. There’s also new craftable costumes unique to each class.

There’s also apparently two event bosses which can be battled for special reward items. Isabella, the Black Witch returns from previous years as a vicious spell-slinging world boss. She’s immune to multiple damage types, so come prepared. Isabella is joined by Spook, a new world boss which is much more mysterious. Not much known about this one yet, you’ll just have to hop in-game once the patch goes live and find out for yourself. And even though Russian players currently don’t have access to the game due to a contract kerfuffle with GameNet, there’s a tiny chance Pearly Abyss can get things sorted before ending these events. Although I wouldn’t count on it.

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Black Desert Online is available now for PC in multiple regions. All currently available regions should have access to this spate of themed events and quests. Check out the trailer for the BDO event down below. Check the official site for more details on the event. Patch notes for the release are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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