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Late in the evening on the 10th November 2014 a small fight occurred between Black Legion. and members of the Clusterfuck Coalition.
Black Legion. set themselves up at engagement range from the IMK-K1 gate in W6VP-Y, put up HIC bubbles and waited for the CFC forces to jump in.  Black Legion. had already set up a cyno inhibitor on the gate to counter any possible CFC escalation and all logistics had the cyno inhibitor pre locked.
A great video from a Tengu point of view, and then also from the carriers when they entered the field.

At the end of the video you can hear Elo Knight, head FC of Black Legion. calling for Titans etc to be logged in. This is due to Glibbs in his Archon being caught 30km off the gate due to a bubble, which had gone down while he was in warp, but STILL catches him off the gate.
Elo Knight, thinking of the rest of the fleet, leaves Glibbs to his doom and instructs them to jump to 3A1P-N. However on the other side of the gate a lone Sabre Interdictor bubbles the large Black Legion. fleet, including the rest of the Carriers. The Interdictor dies but his bubble remains. Intel from Glibbs and the Interceptors in Q-CAB2 say that the CFC have brought in Supers and a couple of Titans.
Thats when Elo Knight gives the call for BL Titans to log on, anticipating the CFC fleet coming through to take down the tackled carriers and Tengu fleet.
They destroy Glibbs, but while that is happening a lone Loki Strategi Cruiser, with a single medium smartbomb manages to destroy the Sabres bubble. An emergency cyno is lit in H-PA29 and the order comes for the Carriers to jump. The rest of the fleet wait for the last carrier to safely jump out then casually warp off and set destination to home.
While not the largest fight in EvE, the fact that the CFC missed a chance to take out a number of the Black Legion. Carriers makes it interesting. It also highlights that you should never laugh at a medium smart bomb in your fleet, it saved a lot of ISK in potential losses last night!
In W6VP-Y the battle report indicates a roughly 2 billion ISK win for Black Legion. over the CFC however if you then take into account the loss of Glibbs Archon in QCAB-2  which was valued at 1.7b in ISK then you come out pretty flat in the ISK lost battle.
Full battle report
Video on reddit/r/eve

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