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Bethesda removes Denuvo from Steam version of Rage 2

Rage 2 Eden Assault Gameplay

Bethesda has revealed that the company will be removing the Denuvo DRM software from their newest video game, Rage 2, quite soon. Developer Avalanche has just dropped a patch, at least for the Steam outing of Rage 2, that drops the DRM of Denuvo entirely.

One thing that’s kind of confusing, and even infuriating to some gamers, is that the Steam version was the only release to use the Denuvo technology at all. The version of the game released via the Bethesda launcher didn’t make use of this DRM setup in any way. That’s kind of weird, it’s not the only thing that this patch deals with.

There’s a couple of bugs getting squashed as well, like dealing with some crash and language-based issues. And speaking of crashes, the patch also enables a Crash Reporter setting which will make diagnosing problems easier.

All in all, Denuvo has been pretty controversial for the last few years. The DRM software has been the source of near-constant backlash. And quite a few groups in the cracking scene have been targeting games that used it as a symbol of protest. The primary source for all of this contention is the idea that the DRM causes major performance problems in games where it’s used. Denuvo‘s creator claims that its anti-tamper technology has no negative impact on performance.

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Major releases have continued to use the tech, like Mortal Kombat 11, and they almost always seem to remove the DRM after a few weeks or months. Some games even accidentally remove Denuvo, which is kind of funny. This is because the aim of the DRM is to protect the launch window of a game from piracy, as most sales are generated in the first few weeks of the life of a video game.

Here’s the full rundown of what this new

  • Removes Denuvo DRM (We saw a few requests.) 
  • Enables Crash Reporter for error reporting
  • Fixes occasional crash related to Scaleform
  • Fixes occasional crash on startup 
  • Fixes issue where users would always default to English
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