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Bethesda E3 2017 Press Conference Recap


Just like our recap of Microsoft for E3 2017, you’ll find all of our coverage of Bethesda’s major announcements at E3 2017 in one place. Click the images to see the associated trailer.

Doom and Fallout 4 VR

No real details beyond the trailers, so not much to speculate on. Fallout 4 VR will be a custom version of Fallout 4, while DOOM VFR is a completely new game set in the DOOM universe. check the trailer for more details.

Bethesda Creation Club

Bethesda announces a new plan for modders and content creators in their games. This paid service will curate modder content and allow users to access the very best of community content for Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

After the notorious incident that paid mods caused on Steam, it was only a matter of time before someone else made an attempt at monetizing mods. Bethesda announced their Creation Club, which will launch sometime this summer. Bethesda insists that this service will focus on providing a mod curation environment for high-quality mods, which users can then pay for. Bethesda make no mention of the actual revenue share Creators will be given on the service. I’m not sure how this will turn out to be any different from Steam’s fiasco, but we’ll wait and see.

At first the service will focus on the best community content for Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition, but it’s likely to include more games in the future if this goes well. The system relies on a Credits setup, the currency for which can be bought through Steam, but no mention of prices. Creators also must submit pitches and feature lists for their mods through their various testing and release phases to appear on the service. Finally, all content must be original and high-quality, so no rehashes of other mods or copyrighted work here folks.

There’s a Bethesda FAQ for all of this up here.

Skyrim Switch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim originally released in November 2011. And with multiple re-releases the game has continued to be one of the more popular RPGs in gaming in the last decade. The modding scene for Skyrim has kept it’s lifespan going all of these years, but it’s about to get yet another lease on life. With the Nintendo Switch.

Now that might seem strange, but Nintendo fans are getting some sweet new features. All three of the major expansions will be included in the Switch version. The Switch port will also include new Joy-Con control options and, last but not least, the ability to dress as Link and wield weapons from The Legend of Zelda franchise. Although plenty of mods exist to accomplish this in the PC version, so some people might not find that appealing. Even so, this option can be unlocked using compatible Amiibo from both the Zelda and Super Smash Bros. lines. Players can also use Amiibos to unlock special loot and items in Skyrim Switch.

Quake Champions

This Quake Arena title just launched into Beta, adn it’s adding a new Champion and bucket full of new content to welcome players.

I guess B.J. found some leisure time between fighting Nazis to come brawl in Quake Champions. But a new Champion isn’t the only thing headed to the arena. He’s entering the arena alongside three new maps, a Tribolt weapon, and “a host of new and improved features.” Not only that, but the closed beta is going to continue and will be kept live 24/7; you can sign up to get a beta key now over here, although I don’t know whether that key will give you immediate access to the game.

Evil Within 2

The sequel to Evil Within is headed to mess with your brain on October 13. Can you survive the horror, or at least tolerate the letterboxing? On Friday October 13, you’ll have survive a new nightmare.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos is back, and must “enter a world filled with nightmares and discover the dark origins of a once-idyllic town.” He’s not just doing that for a laugh, it’s in order to have a chance to save his daughter. The blurb suggests melee and stealth will be options once again, asking “Will you face adversity head on with weapons and traps, or sneak through the shadows to survive?”

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

The next expansion to the Dishonored story is due on September 15 2017. The Outsider is a demi-god of sorts. It’s fanatical cult and even The Outsider itself have featured heavily as both allies and enemies throughout the Dishonored franchise. In September, a duo of assassins is going to end these heretics for good. You can pre-order this DLC for $29.99 on Steam. It will also be available for Xbox One and PS4.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The sequel to the smash-hit Wolfenstein: The New Order is heading back to the warzone. This time, B.J. is heading to America to collect a whole lot more than 100 Nazi scalps. The characteristic humor of the franchise in full display hear with, let’s call them “quirky”, characters aplenty.

B.J. Blazkowicz isn’t too busy fighting in Quake Champions to save America from Nazi scum it seems. On October 27 2017, you’ll be taking the fight for liberation to the good ole’ US of A. In keeping with the previous game, plenty of crazy Nazi tech is on display here. From a destructive cyborg dog with a flamethrower, to mutant cyborgs, you’ll be fighting an army of freaks that are hellbent on keeping the war machine going.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is heading for an even weirder path than previous games in the franchise, and looks like a psychedelic and chaotic trip through America is on the docket for players come October. If the announcement trailer is anything to go by, the amount of propaganda and strange indoctrination going on in Nazi-occupied America is going to feature heavily in The New Colossus. Although just like in Mafia 3, you’ll get the enjoyment of gunning down Nazis, KKK and other far-right lunatics a plenty.

That’s not all! There’s also a $100 Collectors Edition which includes the following:

  • 1/6th Scale 30cm B.J. “Terror-Billy” Blazkowicz action figure
  • Elite Hans collectible box
  • Game disc & limited edition steelbook
  • Pocket manual & Blitzmensch poster
  • Bomber jacket
  • Maschinepistole
  • Laserkraftwerk
  • Dieselkraftwerk
  • Kriegsbeil hatchet
  • Schockhammer X

The Collector’s Edition will sell exclusively in the US on October 27 alongside the game’s expected launch.

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