Best ways to grind for emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Best ways to grind for emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons isn’t what you would expect if you were a hardcore fan of the main game. Minecraft Dungeons is a new spin-off with action-RPG elements that see the player hunting mobs for loot. And surprisingly, it’s really fun and has plenty of depth. players can get really cool thematic magical gear amid the piles of random loot, and you can even trade for better gear and enchantments. Trouble is, you need emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons.

Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons are traded back at your camp to the Blacksmith or Trader for various upgrades and pieces of gear. Both the Wandering Trader and the Blacksmith will trade items for emeralds provided you have upgraded said camp. So let’s break down how to get these rare gems.

You can get emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons in three ways:

  • Defeating Enemies
  • Opening Chests
  • Salvaging Weapons

The salvaging will probably be the most reliable, as you’re going to have a mountain of loot to break down. The salvaging can be done from within your inventory at camp. Look for the Salvage button on the right side, above the Enchanting information.  And since you’re going to be slaying mobs in the game anyway, it makes sense to do double duty.

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While you’re killing mobs, you have a chance to have emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons drop. There is one way to increase the number of these gems dropping though. Since they’re very rare, you will want to grab a weapon with the Prospector Enchantment. This enchantment increases drop chances for some items.

There is one other item that can be used to farm emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons. The Last Laugh is a magic pair of sickles that allows you to chew through enemies. It’s the fastest weapon in the game by pure attack speed, so it can speed things up by chopping down mobs. It’s a very rare drop though, so good luck getting it.

Aside from taking down mobs and breaking down weapons for loot, chests are the final option. These random spawns in dungeon runs are very rare. There’s no way that’s been found currently to force them to spawn either. So you just have to get lucky. And it seems like the loot table is kind of randomized too, chests won’t always have emeralds in them.

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