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Best ways to farm Polymer Bundle in Warframe

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Resources in Warframe are the thing you’re going to be constantly stuck farming for. With all of the weapons, frames and other assets you’re going to be building in this game, you’re going to need a ton of different resources. And to make the whole thing harder, Digital Extremes has included a ton of different crafting items and options that players have to sort through to figure out what they are going to craft and what raw resources they need. One of the more common items you will need is Polymer Bundle.

The crafting resources you’re going to be collecting spawn in any number of places. Each node on the Star Chart has a loot table assigned to it, and enemies and containers within the levels you play on that node can and will drop certain types of loot. For this reason, you need to move quick and pop as many containers and enemies as you can to farm effectively.

Where to farm Polymer Bundle in Warframe

Polymer Bundles in Warframe can be gained from multiple sources. Polymer Bundle can be found on Mercury, Venus and Uranus. It is usually found in quantities of 40 to 80. The enemies in these zones are pretty good sources. Although you can make the process of farming for Polymer Bundle much quicker by targeting Uranus missions of a certain type.

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Assur is the best option for gathering polymer bundles in Uranus. This endless Dark Sector mission offers a limitless supply of Polymer Bundle, as long as you can stay alive. Dark Sector missions have a boosted drop rate, and the Endless Survival type of this mission makes it ideal for farming.

The best way to tackle these missions with a group is to simply hold up in a room one the map with one entrance, and since any map often has small side rooms, it becomes a matter of using a quick-moving frame to pull enemies into the primary DPS stationed in the “safe room”. With a solid group you can literally farm for hours with this maneuver.

For Warframe choices, bring a Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or Nekros with Desecrate, or another similar build that increases item drop rates. Nekros can allow you to re-roll drops from enemies when combined with a solid healing/support, this combo can earn tons of resources. There is also some cause to be made for using Resource Boosters if you have them. I wouldn’t advise spending too much Platinum on them though, as you may need that for other builds or when you absolutely must use a Resource Booster farming rarer drops than this.


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