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Best ways to farm Cryotic in Warframe (2021)

Best ways to farm Cryotic in Warframe (2020)

Farming for resources is a big part of the gameplay loop in Warframe. There is so much crafting to do in this game, with all of the weapons and other gear to make, that you will be doing a lot of farming. Farming the right node on the Star Chart with a good build can really help. Follow our recommendations for where to look to speed up your farming.

There are generally three classes of loot drops when farming to worry about as well. Cryotic in Warframe isn’t technically a rare drop, as it’s very easy to get, you just have to go through very specific steps to get it. The missions you have to take on require a specific approach and are unique to their nodes on the Star Chart.

Where to farm Cryotic in Warframe (2021)

Cryotic in Warframe is used for a variety of crafting recipes and some other random elements as well, and you’re going to need a healthy supply of the stuff to make the things you want. Problem is, Cryotic in Warframe is locked to the Excavation mission type. These mobile defense missions require the player(s) to defend randomly dropped Excavators from mobs of enemies. You also have to kill special enemies carrying power cells to power the Excavators. Each Excavator is timed and will run for one cycle before a new one drops on another location on the map. A team-based approach with high mobility is all but required to farm Excavations quickly.

Earth Everest Grineer 1 – 6 Tier 1
Venus Kiliken Corpus 3 – 8 Tier 1
Mars Augustus Grineer 9 – 14 Tier 1
Europa Valefor Corpus 18 – 23 Tier 2
Neptune Despina Corpus 27 – 32 Tier 3
Earth (Dark Sector) Tikal Corpus 3 – 8 Tier 1
Europa (Dark Sector) Cholistan Corpus 3 – 8 Tier 3
Pluto (Dark Sector) Hieracon Corpus 3 – 8 Tier 3
There are a total of 8 Excavation Missions
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This leaves you open for pretty much anything. You can solo farm the Tier 1 missions, or take a good team into the Dark Sectors for more resources drops. Dark Sector missions need a solid group for starters, so bring a solid support/healer to keep your group alive. To help speed up farming, bring a Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or Nekros with Desecrate, or another similar build that helps increase item drop rates and resource drops. This will mean that more enemies drop Power Cells, speeding up the powering of Excavations a little bit.

The cycle time for each Excavator is always five minutes, so this makes these a mission you can quickly cycle in and out of if you need a little bit of Cryotic in Warframe. Of course, you can also sustain farming the same mission for a bit, as the missions will keep dropping Excavators until you extract.

The Smeeta Kavat’s double pickup/affinity Charm buff will also double Cryotic earnings, as well any other resource drops. The difficulty of the Excavation mission does not affect the amount of Cryotic being awarded though, so that makes it possible to farm low-level missions solo. There are the basic and Dark Sector variants of these mission types.

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