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Become a space miner and trucker in the latest Dual Universe update

Dual Universe is still chugging along toward release. The development team has just released the r0.10 version for backers to play around with. This latest update is all about industry, so if you wanted to be an asteroid miner or space trucker, this is something you’ll be interested in.

This massive new update adds three new tools focused on scanning resources and mining, a complete overhaul to player inventories, and the universe’s economy, as well as priority access for pre-alpha backers, giving an early look at the future of this player-run economy.

The new addition of scanning tools is actually quite complex, so let’s dig in.

There are three scanning  and mining related tools added with the r0.10 update, the hand, directional and the mining tool respectively. Players use the two scanners to find various rare ores in the planet they’re on, and then use the mining tool to dig down into the planet crust to find said minerals and ore. There’s also special mechanics for mining high-value ores.

The update also puts in a bunch of changes for ships and transport vehicles to make transporting your new mining efforts more immersive. Now, instead of having infinite inventory space it will be bound in volume, and players have to consider what they’re carrying as materials occupy a certain volume. This makes transportation of resources more important than ever. Various craft have also been updated with better maneuverability to make transporting your newly gathered materials around.

Dual Universe is a continuous Single-Shard sandbox civilization building MMORPG taking place in a multi-planets Sci-Fi world with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Players can freely modify the world by creating structures, space ships or orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations.

You can back Dual Universe if you want to get access to the alpha. The game will launch into a more formalized open alpha test later in 2018.

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