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Pearl Abyss & GameNet work out issues over player data in BDO

Yesterday we reported that Pearl Abyss and GameNet had issues working out an agreement to transfer player data to a new Russian provider for Black Desert Online. The two gaming companies originally disagreed over who held ownership of layer data after attempts to negotiate over a licensing renewal fell through. So it turns out that media’s reaction to this dispute was a bit premature, as the companies were able to hash out a deal to save player data.

In the short term, the two companies will begin preparing the transfer process in the very near future. GameNet will provide detailed instructions for the transfer process while Pearl Abyss prepares the servers for the start of its version of BDO. Player data will be migrated to the new clusters and players can jump back into their version of the game after a short wait.

The long-term implications of this deal are that Pearl Abyss won’t have to spend months re-translating the game for Russian customers. This means that the downtime while they rebuild server architecture with a new provider will be much shorter than previously expected. Players will be able to pick up where they left off before the contract negotiations halted progress, so that’s good news too. Russian gamers can probably expect some free gifts when BDO finally comes back online as well, and they may even be able to take part in the Halloween event after all.

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